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This 401(k) Plan investments are held by the MassMutual Financial Group and is available for members working under Collective Bargaining Agreements with IBEW BVCC; IBEW LU606; IBEW LU915 and the GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING RESOURCES Jacksonville FL Group. Each Group has specific contribution guidelines pertaining to Employee and Employer payroll contributions. The IBEW BVCC participants are only allowed to redirect the Employer Annuity contribution into the Plan. All other affiliates participating in the Plan are allowed to have Employee pre-tax payroll deductions withheld from their weekly wages which will lower the adjusted gross income at the end of the year that will be reported to the I.R.S. at tax time.  

The Plan provides web based features such as online Enrollment; Investment Education; Contribution and Investment changes including Investment opportunities. No matter which category you may fall under, it is your responsibility to plan for your retirement with financial security.

Florida Multi-employer 401(k) Plan enrollment workbooks are available at the IBEW Local Union 606 Union Hall 820 Virginia Drive Orlando, FL 32803. Online enrollments can be made on the MassMutual website www.retiresmart.com

If you have questions regarding the Plan you can contact Richard Sikorski the Plan Coordinator at (407) 896-7271. Enrollment documents can be mailed to the IBEW LU 606 Union Hall for processing if necessary.  Enrollment forms are also included on this site for your convenience.

Richard Sikorski

CMC 401(k) Plan Coordinator

Asst. Business Manager

IBEW Local Union 606

After you have enrolled in the plan you can manage the funds by phone or on the web site.
MassMutual Participant Information Center  (800) 743-5274
8 AM to 9 PM Monday - Friday Eastern Time
FHA-TPA Benefits Administrator (800) 707-0501